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A Small Miracle Foundation Names New Executive Director

A Small Miracle Foundation has named Amy Gerwing as the new Executive Director, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the North Texas non-profit. Dedicated to providing charitable, in-home childcare to families affected by cancer, A Small Miracle Foundation has provided hundreds of hours of free childcare to North Texas families.

Gerwing, a mom of seven and a breast cancer survivor, has operated a nonprofit copywriting freelance business for the past eight years while she and her husband, Tim, serve on the board of several local charities. She succeeds Jodie Miller, who held the post for 2 years and transformed the organization’s annual Texas Hold ‘Em event into a hugely successful fundraiser.

“Having undergone cancer therapy when my children were quite small, I know first-hand how stressful it can be to schedule and pay babysitters all while trying to handle co-pays, doctors' bills and just healing.”

With a background in fundraising and marketing, Gerwing intends to expand the reach of A Small Miracle Foundation. “There are so many families in North Dallas and beyond who are battling cancer but don’t even know about us. As the only nonprofit in the region that provides this type of in-home, free childcare, we see limitless opportunity for growth.”

Gerwing intends to make growing the donor base of A Small Miracle Foundation a priority. “When our clients – most of whom are young families - share how A Small Miracle Foundation has helped them through their cancer journey by making sure their healthy children received safe, reliable in-home childcare, people are moved to support us!”

To find out more about A Small Miracle Foundation and how you can support their mission of providing charitable childcare to families affected by cancer, visit their website:

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