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Meet the 23-Year-Old Single Mom Battling Cancer

For the past nine months, Holly has been undergoing a grueling chemotherapy regiment to fight off her Stage 2 breast cancer. Thanks to her mom, who babysat two-year-old Codie every Friday, Holly has never had to miss a chemo appointment.

But now, Holly faces six weeks of daily radiation. She is tired. Her mom is exhausted. They didn’t know where to turn to ensure Codie would continue to be well cared for while Holly finished up her treatment.

I can’t ask my mom to quit her job so that she can watch Codie every day, and I can’t afford to pay a sitter. We feel stuck,” Holly told me the day she called.

Getting Holly the help she needed wasn’t going to be easy.

Like so many cancer patients, Holly lives in the most rural parts of Dallas-Fort Worth, far outside the purview of many professional nanny agencies. But we were determined to provide this mom with free childcare, regardless of where she lives.

So we set to work finding a daycare center just next door to Holly’s radiation clinic. When the daycare owner heard Holly’s story and how desperately she needed childcare for Codie, they gladly worked with A Small Miracle Foundation to come up with a plan.

For the next six weeks, Holly will be able to attend her daily radiation appointments while knowing that her son is safely cared for by professional caregivers in the daycare center next door.

I can’t explain the peace of mind this gives me,” Holly told me when we shared the plan we had made for her and Codie.

For 15 years A Small Miracle Foundation has provided charitable childcare to families affected by cancer. Typically the childcare happens in the child’s home, but sometimes – like in Holly’s case – we need to get creative.

Whether it’s in the home, an afterschool program, or even a daycare facility, A Small Miracle Foundation goes where we are needed to provide the charitable childcare that cancer patients like Holly need.

We think Holly’s words say it best: “Thank you so much for helping us. Not having to worry about paying for childcare is such a blessing. Now I can focus on getting better…for me and Codie.”

To get involved in supporting moms like Holly, visit our Donate Page.

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