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About A Small Miracle Foundation

Our Organization

Since 2004, A Small Miracle Foundation has provided more than 11,000 hours of free in-home childcare to families who are battling cancer. By partnering with the best nanny agencies, we ensure that our families receive professional loving and reliable childcare. At A Small Miracle Foundation, we believe no family should have to choose between fighting cancer and having access to safe, reliable childcare.

Our Mission

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating. Facing it with small children in the home can be overwhelming. A Small Miracle Foundation is here to reduce barriers to beating cancer by providing quality childcare.  

  • Provide the highest quality in home childcare services to families affected by cancer. 

  • Significantly reduce the anxiety of arranging childcare around a loved ones cancer treatments. 

  • Relieve that added stress and concern regarding childcare costs on top of already expensive medical care. 

  • Provide periods of rest and recuperation following cancer treatments 

  • Give families peace of mind and comfort in knowing that high quality compassionate and reliable childcare is being provided in their child’s own familiar home environment. 

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