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Board Members

Jessi Rock

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Gayle Anderson
Board Chair

"I’ve had two family members diagnosed with cancer when their children were young (pre-school age). They were fortunate to have other close family relatives nearby who could help with the children, but not everyone has those resources available. And for those who don’t have help, the risk of having to miss a treatment, or getting worn down without child care assistance, could lead to losing the battle with this terrible disease. I’ve seen firsthand how ASMF changes people’s lives, and I am proud to be associated with such a wonderful cause. " Gayle has been a part of ASMF since 2006. She is a wife to Phil and mom to John and Nicole (plus two sweet dogs). Gayle serves as a Chief Financial Officer and enjoys tennis, pickleball, travel and spending time with her family.

Ann Halff

"I am a cancer survivor who had a newborn daughter during the pandemic and had to navigate childcare during treatment myself. It is an issue I am intimately familiar with." Ann has been a board member since 2022. She is married to a renowned chef and mother to a 3 year old daughter and two sweet dogs. Ann works as a non-profit manager for ULI- focused on research and outreach in equitable and sustainable commercial real estate. In her free time she enjoys gardening, travel and reading.

Dr. Lavonne Wesley
Vice Chair

"After witnessing the struggle of a dear friend attempting to battle cancer while caring for her 3-year-old son, I understood the need for childcare help for these families. On the bad days, my friend simply didn’t have the strength or stamina, and desperately needed rest. We all did what we could to help, but there were simply times we couldn’t be available, and nothing like ASMF existed. As my sweet friend navigated her last days, her son’s well-being was always in the forefront of her mind. It was heart wrenching! Therefore, when my daughter proposed starting this organization, I knew it would benefit so many families and I enthusiastically joined up." LaVonne has been a part of the board since the beginning! She resides in Richardson with her husband. She is a proud mom to two adult children and grandparent to 2 granddaughters. She works as a Clinical Pyschologist in a private practice. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family and friends, swimming and watching movies.

Dr. Leslie Russell

"As a young mother my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer. With small children I’m not sure how I would have navigated the process without my family and friends. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with the support system that I had and sometimes families have to travel away from family for treatments. There is a need for the support that we can provide at ASMF that allows for our families to survive the traumas of cancer and receive treatments that give hope and healing. " Leslie has been on the board since 2016. She has two children and 3 exceptional grandchildren to keep her busy. She serves as a local elementary school principal and enjoys her free time reading, gardening and traveling.

Susan Pool

"I have had several friends who have faced the challenge of dealing with cancer and managing a family at the same time. I know how important it is to have peace of mind that your children are in good hands when you can’t be with them. That peace of mind allows those impacted by cancer to receive the care that they or a loved one needs. I feel privileged to provide my support to ASMF in this endeavor. " Susan has been on the board for 11 years. She is a retired healthcare executive enjoying her time in Virgina Beach. She is married with two children and one granddaughter. Susan enjoys her time reading, word games and spending time on the beach with her family.

Lisa Leach

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Dr. Boo Messahel

"Some of the simple ideas have the most powerful impact. I have managed so many families torn between essential lifesaving cancer treatments and childcare. ASMF services have a powerful impact in supporting and maintaining critical family functioning during such difficult times. " Boo has served on the board since 2022. She resides in the Dallas area with her husband and three teenage children. Boo is a Medical Oncologist currently working in business and research. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family, skiing and traveling.

Lauren Denton

"Like many, cancer has personally touched my family, my passion is to help provide hope and support patients and families affected by cancer, and I am honored to serve with ASMF to fill a critical gap in service by providing free access to childcare. " Lauren has served on the board since 2022. She resides in the Houston area with her husband and son. She serves as a healthcare philanthropy leader at MD Anderson Cancer Center. In her free time she enjoys art, learning the ukulele and enjoying watching her son play little league baseball.

Brian Bernholtz


"I’m especially passionate about helping children and families dealing with illnesses. I personally experienced the emotional and financial impacts of cancer as my father was diagnosed and passed away when I was young. ASMF has a critically important mission to provide care for children and families that are enduring the most challenging times of their lives." Brian has been on the board since 2023. He lives with his wife andtwo kids in Dallas. He serves as a CFO at U.S. Dermatology Partners. In his free time, Brian enjoys golf, home projects and attending kids activities.

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