My name is Kimberly K. and I am a 45 year old wife, and mother to 3 year old twin boys, Landry and Reagan. My husband, Erich, is a Registered Nurse at a Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area emergency room. I have always been proactive in health screenings. On June 13, 2015, I noticed a lump on the right front side of my neck. I immediately called my doctor’s office to book an appointment to get to the bottom of this unusual lump with several medical tests to come. On June 26, 2015, I received a diagnosis with Stage III Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The cancer was widespread above and below the diaphragm nodal involvement area and abdomen. I started 6 cycles of chemotherapy on July 2, 2015, with my last treatment on December 3, 2015. During the treatment period, I was so appreciative of A Small Miracle Foundation. I was directed to this charity by Alex, a social worker at the University of Texas Southwestern. Since we do not have a lot of family in the DFW area, childcare for our twins was one of our

greatest needs. The childcare services provided that peace of mind -our children were in good hands. As a family going through cancer, our goal was to keep as much routine in our schedules as we could fit in a day. Thanks to ASMF my husband was able to return to work on the weekends knowing I had childcare for the twins. I am so grateful to God that I am in remission from cancer. Looking on this side of cancer makes me realize, I am very fortunate to have been a beneficiary of childcare assistance from ASMF. This charity allowed me to concentrate on my health as they lent a helping hand in caring for my twins while I could not.


“As a cancer patient with a 5-year-old, we didn’t know what we were going to do.  All the doctor bills were limiting our income and I had all day chemo treatments and lots of doctor appointments.  Then we found A Small Miracle Foundation.  They helped us with childcare for our 5-year-old making it possible for me to get my treatments.  Without them my treatments wouldn’t have been possible.  Thank you so much for being here for us.”

Sibil's Story:

Sibil Dancer is a mother of five battling cancer. Shortly after she began treatment, her husband abandoned her and their five children. Forced to raise her children on her own, while undergoing cancer treatments and coping with its debilitating side effects, was an obvious challenge.

After contacting ASMF for its charitable in-home childcare services, Sibil is now able to concentrate on her medical care, treatment regimens, and is allowed the time necessary for rest and recovery.

"There are so many devastating issues faced by families coping with cancer. It is such a relief to have the added stress of finding reliable childcare eliminated from my worries. For the sake of my children, I must focus on my battle against cancer. It is such a blessing that ASMF provides this charitable childcare service to help parents, like myself, meet this critical need." - Sibil Dancer

Julie's Letter:

I want to thank you and your organization for the free nanny services that you have provided me and my family during this difficult time of fighting cancer.  I was diagnosed in March of 2011 with Stage III Breast cancer.  My treatment includes chemotherapy, radiation, and hormone therapy. 


I have a 21-month-old son that I have to take care of in the evenings Monday – Thursday and all day Saturday since my husband is at work and I am the sole caregiver in the household during those times.  My husband works nights and I was working days.  I knew my income would be declining since I am commissioned base and not able to work my usual workload.  As a result, my income needed for paying bills declined and yet we needed nanny services to assist me with child care in the evenings and on Saturday.    We did and do not know have the extra income to pay for the nanny services. 


I found out about your organization that assisted cancer patients with free nanny services.  The nanny services that your organization funds are exceptional.  All of the nannies have provided excellent child care services and are all very experienced with children.  There have been many days that I was too ill to watch, feed and change our toddler’s diapers.   Without these services, I would have had a difficult time fighting cancer. 

I am still in treatment until the end of September and receiving the free nanny services.  I am so pleased with the nanny resources and grateful for the organization’s financial assistance. 

I hope that A Small Miracle Foundation will continue receiving donations to assist those fighting cancer.  Your organization has been a God Sent for me and my family.  Thank you so much for all you have done.  It is resources like yours that make it possible to beat the cancer.  I consider myself extremely fortunate for the assistance. 


Best regards, 

Julie Post